About Us

Welcome to Engineering CAD, if you need design and engineering solutions, then we have the experience and skill to ensure that your next project is a complete success. Listed below are some of the many services which we offer, but if you’re looking for a service and don’t see it listed, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We believe in certain core principals at Engineering CAD. Our main goal is to assist our clients and customers to develop their products from concept to finished product.


What is it that we do at Engineering CAD?

Engineering CAD is a 3D company which specialises in engineering an idea into 3D reality using computer aided design. Here at Engineering CAD we provide a variety of different services. Some of the services which we focus on are; 2D Designs & Specifications, 3D Designs & Models, 3D Printing, Animation, Rendering, FEA, Consulting, Simulation, Reverse Engineering, Design Documentation, Product Scanning, Design Modification, Research Design & Design Analysis.

At Engineering CAD our business goal is to make your ideas or visions into a 3D reality which can then be used to fully develop your product. Our 3D printing service will produce high-quality products, giving you an excellent prototype for your design. Our professional design analysis and simulation services provide you with a good idea of your products capabilities and limits. The rendering of your product will give you a reality to your design and animation can provide you with better presentation and product motion capability. With high-quality 3D product samples and rendering, your product will be ready for any presentation, leading to better results and initial interest.


Our aim at Engineering CAD

It is our aim at Engineering CAD to bring your prototypes and product and turn them into a 3D reality. We can accomplish this by using computer-aided design programs. At Engineering CAD, we provide excellent customer service, with professional, friendly and qualified team members constantly going above and beyond to ensure that the final design will meet all of our client’s specification and expectations. If you have a prototype or product design which you want to be turned into a functional and high-quality 3D prototype, then don’t hesitate to contact us now!